In the third quarter of hunan, the export of imported and exported clothing and luggage products has gained good momentum

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In the third quarter of the province, the import and export stopped

On October 18, hua sheng online (hunan daily reporter pengya hui's correspondent huang yonghua), after two consecutive quarters of decline, the import and export of the province changed in the third quarter.Today, the reporter learned from changsha customs that in the first three quarters, the import and export value of the whole province was 29.28 billion yuan, 34.69 billion yuan and 46.31 billion yuan respectively.The year-on-year growth rate was -40 per cent, -13.1 per cent and 4.4 per cent respectively.

Among the major foreign trade partners, our bilateral trade with Hong Kong, the United States and asean has fallen considerably, while the trade volume between the eu, Japan and South Korea has increased by 3.9 per cent, 11.3 per cent and 3.5 per cent respectively.

In terms of exports, exports of clothing and luggage products have been picking up momentum, with the export volume exceeding 7 billion yuan in the january-september period, up 8 percent and 19.3 percent year-on-year.Mechanical and electrical products, high-tech products, such as cars export decline is larger, in the first three quarters of exports fell by 21.2%, 19% and 37.5% respectively, these three kinds of exports of the same period more than half of the province's exports.

Among the major imports, the imports of auto parts and copper ores in the first three quarters were 3.4 times higher, 6.2 times year-on-year, and the import of pulp was up 41.5 percent year on year.New and high - tech products, iron ore and concentrate are reduced in different degrees.

According to the analysis of changsha customs, the improvement of foreign trade is due to the improvement of foreign trade environment.In August, the provincial government issued many measures on improving trade facilitation and supporting the development of processing trade.The provincial customs has actively promoted the reform of the business, with more than 96% of the integrated customs clearance in the customs area and more than 22% of the cross-customs clearance.The provincial foreign trade and commodity market also opened in July, launching the "tourism shopping" trade trial.These measures laid the foundation for the growth of foreign trade in the third quarter.

(original title: the export of imported and exported clothing in hunan province in the third quarter and the export of package products are in good shape)