The luggage industry has a "gas station"

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(reporter Wu Li jiao The correspondent Du Tianxiang) has been in quanzhou "roots" 35 years of Orient handbag factory co., LTD., each time you purchase bags of raw material, have to run to the guangzhou huadu district for goods, because of quanzhou local relevant market spread, variety is not complete.This predicament, with the province, the city key project the completion of city east mall change.

According to incomplete statistics, the city each year, about 6 billion yuan worth of bags of raw material need to purchase from other provinces, lead to cost increase, the purchase and delivery cycle extended, seriously restrict the development of our city bags industry."I am looking forward to buying the raw materials directly from here one day," said li jixiang, chairman of dongfang handbag factory, after hearing the news of the completion and preparation for investment.

East mall is "five-year" key logistics project in fujian province, quanzhou city, key projects, its core is the quanzhou bags accessories professional market, this is center of the city's first domestic manufacturing brand sale mall.With a total floor area of 230,000 square meters, it will build a large commercial center integrating leisure, tourism, business, business, and high-end residences.

East shopping mall co., LTD., fujian strait bags logistics, head of the chairman Lin Pingfan said that fujian province is one of the three bags production base, but not in the province of a professional bags market, "mall is completed, will be the city's economy under the new normal" gas station ", is conducive to bag the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, quanzhou bags industry in a new name card of the whole country."