The largest generation of international luggage manufacturers: $300 million this year

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Picture: 2016 Tmall618 box sales ranking

Billion state power network: the offline is declining, the line is growing, in contrast, the international brand's attitude to China's online market has also followed a great transformation?

Hu shaoqun: international brands are still more optimistic about the Chinese market, and they are certainly much more concerned about online.

Where is the core of content marketing

BHBF: the previous mentioned that the double 11 will increase the marketing expense this year, so will there be any bright spots in the marketing?

Hu shaoqun: no longer pure sell goods, want to sell the goods this thing to do interesting and fun.

I look at your circle of friends. The company has been experimenting with new marketing, such as live broadcasting and music.

Hu shaoqun: yes, Tmall is also very good for new marketing this year. We're very close to it.To this end, we even changed the organizational structure of the company, established two new departments, one is the CRM department for customer maintenance and mining, and one is the digital marketing team that does the new marketing.Now, there are 10 people in CRM, seven or eight people in the digital Marketing Department. The role of CRM is obvious, the old customers have increased and the conversion rate has been improved.

What is the difference between your perception and your perception of the live broadcast?

Hu shaoqun: the early stage is a little confused, think holding the camera to clap with the live.I didn't know that the broadcast was not for video, but for fans to come in and interact.Therefore, the broadcast must have quality content.Now the live broadcast is a little messy, the net red quality is also general.There will be more gameplay in the future and more depth of content.

Billion state power network: later, will the input on the live stream be increased?

Shao-qun hu: will continue to live, but to find own way to play live, such as live stylist or production line, rather than find a don't understand our brand online selling web celebrity, the effect of this is not what I want, I want to content marketing is, even if only 100 people, but can move the 100 men.

The impact of international luggage brand on local brands in China

BHBF: the advantage of the company is the bags and shoes. When did this direction start to persist?

Shao-qun hu: before doing the autumn electrical contractor, we are doing service for fashion brand, see Tmall growth in 2010 will soon join the generation operation industry, then contact ELLE accidental opportunity, they find a lot of TP in China, but didn't do the online market, we took it well done.Later, we wanted to do a deep job in one industry, followed by other luggage brands.The bag is finished, and then the shoe is finished.

B&b: how many brands are there in the world?

Hu shaoqun: luggage brand is not like cosmetics, it is quite scattered, the quantity is not good statistics, and no brand has a very high market share.

BHBF: now, how many brands are there in the company?How high is the sales percentage of this category?Will we continue to step up efforts to introduce the luggage brand?

Hu shaoqun: now pack 8 bags brand, this year bags brand accounts for 60% of our total sales, last year this figure was 50%.In the case of luggage, we will definitely hold the advantage and we will introduce new brands in the future.

Billion state power network: international luggage and bags enter the Chinese market faster and faster, does this have an impact on domestic brands?

Hu shaoqun: the Chinese market is very big, and the future doesn't necessarily mean that the market share of international brands is higher than that of domestic brands, but they will continue to keep growth positive.Domestic brands also have their own advantages, after all, the market in the four - and fourth-tier cities is huge.Rural areas are also urbanized, and their consumption habits are changing. Now all brands are making rural markets, not to see sales immediately, but to cultivate consumer spending habits.

Billion state power network: at present, what is the penetration rate of international luggage brand in the third and fourth tier cities?

Hu shaoqun: the second-tier cities are not bad, the third-tier cities are also bought, and the four-line urban users are basically unfamiliar with the international luggage brand, and now their channels have not penetrated to the third and fourth tier cities.

This point is very different from cosmetics and clothing, and the market changes are very mild.

Hu shaoqun: yes, the bag category is relatively small, the change is relatively less intense.

Billion bond: this kind of gentle environment, should give the soil that has brand growth, what type of new brand do you like?

Hu shaoqun: the bag design is in the fatigue period, there are not too many new models in the market, the mutual between each other serious.In the future, I am looking forward to the designer brand of style, which has a designer brand jessiejane, which only sold 10 million last year. This year, we can make 3040 million. there are few independent brands in the bags, and the Chinese people can hardly see the fast fashion brands. When will the Chinese market come up with a fashion brand?

Hu shaoqun: yes, a lot of clothing brands out of bags, independent bags brand to make high market penetration is not easy.Fast fashion luggage brands, such as Singapore's charleskeith, are similar to ZARA, relying on fast supply chains, with a lot of styles, small Numbers and quick updates.

BHBF: we have observed that the company has expanded into the clothing area. What is the boundary of category expansion?

Hu shaoqun: this year, we will be in the clothing and sports category, but we will only focus on the fashion industry, and we won't be able to kill any other category.These two years, we will continue to live in the bag category of the absolute advantage, in the clothing and shoes category to be able to break the siege, and then to take some large amount of fast fashion brands.

BHBF: what will be the key points in the next two years?

Shao-qun hu: in addition to say in front of the category to expand, the autumn will be in improving efficiency and service, the autumn now has 200 people, generally with annual sales of more than ten others may need about 500 people, later we will also simplify the tedious things, do the backend system better improve operational efficiency, recently we also took 3 square meters warehouses, better service to consumers in the distribution.