Is there still a chance that international luggage will invade the Internet?

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"Imini", the original luggage brand, ranked third in the Internet box brand sales in the last year, with no doubt the top tier.But the overall ranking of the double 11 Tmall bags last year was only 11th.

This year, as the representative of the original brand of Internet box bags, can imani win the Internet brand championship?Can you make it to the top of the powerful international luggage brand?

Original handbag brand, founder of Minnie rice (lotus zhong Chen) not taboo to point out that the economy enters the new normal, electricity dividend disappears, international equipment brands and traditional equipment brand power under the condition of electricity, the Minnie live in Iraq will not be easy.

"We are the biggest impact international light luxury bags brand, because the Minnie positioning leather, mainstream price range between 400 yuan to 600 yuan, belong to the first tier in the original price of handbag brand.Most of the original brands are priced at around 200 yuan, a price that is hard to hit, and the luxury brand won't let go of its price.On the data, rice says that a large portion of its customers have been lost to light luxury brands such as Michael Kors, Coach and Kate Spade.Compared to women's clothing, the style is the first, but in the case of the category, the consumer still attaches great importance to the brand sense.The absolute weakness of the brand force is the severe test for the brand of original luggage.

Rice said that consumers buy bags or pay attention to brand very much, now act as purchasing agency, global purchase, outbound travel is very convenient, consumers can buy light with very cheap price for luxury brands of bags, compared the Minnie bag price is not much higher.And more of the traditional off-line brand, offline store price is 1000 yuan, but the main online hot style the price in the price of 499 yuan, 599 yuan, the price also and Minnie belong to the same price."Although our products on the quality process not lose somebody else, even on many materials and detail process is better than the somebody else, but they did better than our brand awareness, it is objective existence is the truth."

In the face of this situation, imini's strategy is to make up for short and short: to both start to make up the short boards of brand awareness, and strengthen the existing advantages of the company.Rice said with a smile: "we are very grateful to our competitors. It is they who let us see their own shortboard to better face themselves and improve themselves.Minnie in Iraq in the past has been sticking to the style of work is: we only focus on yourself, 100% of the energy in the product or service of self study and on appeal, the attention to competitors and peers almost to zero, but today, we have to change, we must make a part of the effort to study, to learn the opponent's advantage, by learning to find their own competition.If you know one's heart, you can't get down."

Rice is introduced, in view of the current stage in this "easy", yi is the overall strategy guiding ideology of the Minnie "wide accumulate grain, deep holes, do internal strength", the guiding ideology is definitely not a year, but need to 2 to 3 years, with 2-3 years, to build the Minnie the second decade of the core competitiveness."It is not appropriate to set excessive performance targets or to have a strategic leap forward.Electrical business development at this stage is a competition of the company's overall strength, the talented person's echelon construction, in brand building, product design and the improvement of the supply chain, in the external and internal resources integration in the efficiency, and in management

Organizations, cultures, institutions, and so on, we are all going to be systematized."

So what are some of the things imani is doing?

Make up the short board: enhance the brand power

Hundred million bond power net understand, Minnie has already begun planning offline, but the starting point is not to capture new markets through offline channels, or implement new sales growth, but to get brand promotion by offline layout.Rice said that imini is now looking for the right Shopping Mall to open a flagship store.In addition, imini is planning IP cooperation and cross-boundary cooperation with various film, animation and art IP.

Rice said: "on the brand, the somebody else than we have gone more than a dozen years, even decades, to build the brand in the eyes of consumers mind today, Iraq Minnie as original brand, also is very young, we need to continually in brand investment, try to slowly make up the short board, to gradually establish brand awareness, Minnie."

Consolidate advantage: the mobile terminal community

In contrast to the short board, imini did not relax the consolidation of the original advantages.

Rice said that one of the advantages of imini's past is the high purchase rate of the old customers, which is the best embodiment of the products and customer service of imini.From PC to mobile terminal is in the process of transition, the Minnie is leading in weibo, but on the WeChat is relatively backward, "we're going to rebuild our old customers operating advantages, the WeChat community operating on the most important position."

At Minnie. On the whole WeChat already organized around 50 community, the core values of the community is not the grade of the Minnie positioning "leather artist", but "texture artist life" philosophy of life.

Rice said: "the community of users and our relationship is no longer buy and sell relationship between customers and merchants, as the relationship between friends and girlfriends, or more like partners or workers in the field of a relationship, the relationship is closer, pay more attention to the emotion, everybody together to build a kind of life philosophy and culture, our community managers from the beginning is our employees, now slowly has become of our user representatives."

Rice, the future users may become more social, a user will exist in N community at the same time, the community and the user's relationship may not be a strong brand or strong interest, but consistent with the values and culture, is consistent with the attitude to life or the life philosophy.Under the common culture and the concept of life, they volunteered to form a community and together to build the community together.

Widen the gap: further improve the product process

Rice has always been very confident about the quality of imini's bags."The quality of our family is definitely the best in the industry, and many brands that are much bigger than us are not as good as we are in detail.But we can't be satisfied with this competitive advantage, and we're going to continue to widen the gap and use President ma's words to say, 'let the competitors not see our tails'."

This year, imini has done a lot of work on the quality of the product, the cutting of each style is more fine, and all of them are in mold.The more cutting pieces of a bag, the more complicated the work, the more elaborate the assembly, the product feels and the performance is better, but the cost is higher, and the ordinary factory is not able to do it.

Rice pointed out that the general factory, the bags are both concave and shaped by the hands of the workers, but each style of imini is made with custom molds.Product requirements is the highest realm of feeling, in order to let the consumer feel not product this item, it is a feeling has a soul, some parts of the bag on the Minnie made from wood pattern to effect.For example, a line with a slight radian can reflect the three-dimensional sense without losing touch.But behind the back, pay a few thousand yuan for the mold fee.

In the internal material that consumers can't see, imini is also upgrading.Rice said the good product not only in the reach of that a moment, it is important for a long time after use, whether version is still good, the product is durable, which is of high quality material of internal value.At the same time, imini is studying the effect of the car line, hoping to use foreign equipment and raw materials, as well as the constant demands of shifu, to make the line trace more dynamic.

Rice says "high cost makes good quality", which is what imani has always insisted on."That's why imini's bag isn't cheap, but the user will follow."

New to stability: adjust the team structure to play with multiple brands

In addition to complementing the short board and strengthening the advantage, imini is also actively adjusting the team organization and carrying out multi-brand strategy.

Rice, Iraq this year Minnie in team structure, organization form, work process on the adjustment and change, like ali group after the team adjusted for "small forward, big middle" organizational structure, the Minnie are small at the front desk."The small front desk will be very flexible, and the entire backstage can provide strong data support and adapt to the current market shape.The idea of post-1990 and post-2000 changes quickly, and the organizational structure of the former is difficult to respond quickly and quickly, resulting in delayed response, slow decision making, and insufficient innovation ability.

The organization of the small front desk in imini is trying to be reflected by the operation of the sub-brand.This year, imani has launched two brands, one is liancan brand, and focuses on ethnic style women's bags.One is the park brand, positioning hand work, both of these brands operate in a separate, small front desk mode.They share the company's human resources, financial, IT and system, supply chain, such as resources, but the brand of product research and development, brand operation and sales strategy are small teams, each brand is 3-4 people, very small.Rice says such a small team is more dynamic, less baggage, faster decision-making and more innovation.

But rice also believes that the current organizational change is just beginning, and the effect is not yet fully realized.But it will be more and more effective to try and adjust in this direction.

In addition, rice believes that it is not a good development stage for the original brand. It is difficult for a new brand to be recognized and recognized by all of us, to gain new customers and make profits.Rice also pointed out at the same time, we can now try to introduce some brand by means of cooperation, to work with foreign brands such as or some cross-border cooperation, everybody can be either opponent, also can be Allies.


In the end, rice said, "it has been a long way behind for big categories such as the category of clothing and other categories.Appeal to the luggage industry, do not stay in the bag inside, more outside the circle to see the outside world, is more the correct direction.In the inside of the bag, we will work together to study the technological breakthrough of the product, study the supply chain transformation, study the innovation of raw materials...Sharing resources and turning one advantage into an advantage is the best thing for everyone, and imini is willing to share all the advantages and achieve a common prosperity."